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About Innova International

Innova International is the premier advisor to executive search firms and the industry. We provide executive search firms with a proven playbook and strategy to scale to $25 Million and beyond.

It is our mission to help executive search firms adapt, scale and grow by delivering exceptional advisory work in a rapidly changing industry. Innova International's best-in-class advisory work focuses on many aspects of scaling a search firm including:

  • Financial Modeling
  • Hiring and Recruiting New Revenue Producers
  • Structuring Compensation Plans
  • Expand Nationally and Internationall
  • Discover New Niche Markets
  • Identifying New Revenue Streams
  • Incorporating The Latest Technology
  • Marketing and Branding
  • More

All while advising on industry best practices. Through the lens of innovation, Innova International helps search firms scale no matter their size or industry focus.

Prior to starting Innova International, Ken Vancini founded ZRG Partners. Along with his partner Larry Hartmann, ZRG Partners unlocked the formula for scaling a search firm. Under their leadership, ZRG Partners became recognized as a global leader in executive search, realizing a 30% compounded annual growth rate from inception.

Ken led global research, recruitment, accounting, information technology and marketing from his Boston office. Ken identified, attracted and retained some of the best search partners from around the globe. During his 16 years running ZRG Partners, Ken personally led searches for his clients in 22 countries on five continents.

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