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A Clockwork Partner providing Research/Recruiting services.

Automately_PNG_color_logoAbout Automately

Fully managed talent sourcing.

At Automately, we help companies find and attract the best talent, with Talent Sourcing as a service.  

  • Identify - We calibrate with your team on your Ideal Candidate and then identify the top pool of prospective talent (with our world-class team of Sourcing experts who leverage the latest tools).
  • Outreach - We design and fully manage the outreach campaign to all of your top prospective candidates.
  • Results - Your team spends their valuable time talking to engaged, qualified candidates.

Who We Are
We are service professionals at heart. We think that talent acquisition needs a fresh approach - one that makes the everyday lives of recruiting professionals easier. Our On-Demand Sourcing service is designed to lighten recruiters’ workload, allowing them to focus on high-value work, and enable them to more efficiently close the best candidates.

What We Do
We manage the top of the recruiting funnel, so you don’t have to. We aren’t another software tool to be onboarded and managed; we’re a service that functions as an extension of your team. We deliver results: a steady pipeline of engaged, qualified candidates. And we don’t charge commissions - your satisfaction is our success.

Behind the scenes
To identify your ideal candidates, we have a dedicated team of expert sourcers utilizing market-leading research and technology. We then apply best-practice outreach tools and practices to engage candidates on your behalf. Get in touch to learn more!

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