The Kick-Off

A Video Series For Executive Search Firms On Trends Shaping And Impacting Our Industry And The World Around Search.

Each episode we host a special guest that has spent years in the search industry to deliver you valuable industry insights - and we promise to leave the product demo at the door. We launched The Kick-Off to bring a new type of resource to search firms and create a space for conversations around industry best practices, growing and expanding your search firm, business development and much more. 

  • NEW: Episode 6: A.I. Strategies For Executive Search Firms (Guest: Ryan Frampton, CEO & Co-Founder of Quil).

  • Episode 1: Marketing & Business Development For Search Firms And Executive Recruiters (Guest: Thaddeus Andres Founder of Retaindly). 
  • Episode 2: Dealing With Uncomfortable Conversations That Surface Around DEI (Guest: Global HR Officers Practice Leader For ZRG Partners)
  • Episode 3: The Art Of Closing The Deal and Winning A New Search (Guest: Louise Archer, Founder, Retrained)
  • Episode 4: AI and Its Impact On Executive Search and Recruiting (Guest: Rob Green, CEO, Rectec)
  • Episode 5: 2024 Forecast & Strategies For Executive Search Firms (Guest: Ken Vancini, CEO, Innova Connect)

This series is designed to bring leading industry voices together to support your searches, grow your firm and work better with clients. To watch all episodes, please complete the form to the right to view.

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Search Industry Thought Leaders & Experts

Every episode we host a special guest who is a search industry expert and has spent years working with search firms and within the executive search industry.

Focus On trends impacting your firm

Executive search is changing. These shifts are happening across your candidates and clients, impacting how you execute your search process and collaborate.

Growing Your Search Firm And Winning New Searches

At some point - every search firm or search consultant reaches the point where they need to strategically decide to scale and grow their firm to take on new searches.


A Fresh Take On The Search Industry And The Challenges We Face.

This series is made for search firms. The world of search is changing and we need to adapt - but not many people are talking about how to do this. The Kick-Off series does an excellent job on bringing these conversations to the forefront with experts that know what they are talking about.

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