The Head Start

A Video Series On Successful Executive Search Execution And How To Implement It With Clockwork

Each episode we focus on one stage of The 8 Stages of Successful Executive Search.

In each video, we talk about the proven methodology and foundation behind each stage, and show you how to implement it in your everyday practice with Clockwork.

Past Episodes:

  • Stage 1: Finding and Generating New Search Work With Clockwork
  • Stage 2: Developing An Engaging Pitch To Win New Searches
  • Stage 3: Setting A Solid Search Strategy

Future Episodes:

  • Stage 4: Effectively Showcasing Your Value-Add During Research.
  • Stage 5: Streamlining Outreach And Keeping You Client Updated.
  • Stage 6: Building A Complete Assessment Profile For Each Candidate
  • Stage 7: Advising A Client On Choosing The Best Candidate.
  • Stage 8: Closing A Search and Growing Your Referrals.
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Learn To Do Great Search

Every episode we focus on the best practices for each stage of the search process, and where these fit in your everyday process.

See How With Clockwork

We do a deep dive using Clockwork and show you how Clockwork's executive search software was built to support this stage of your search.

Get A Head Start

Each episode is based on one of The 8 Stages Of Successful Executive Search. Download the eBook to keep ahead for our next episode.

Jack Shirley Clockwork Recruiting

Best Practices Delivered By An Expert

I help retained executive search firms fine tune their unique process, by giving them the tools they need to offer a seamless search process that drives collaboration, closes searches faster and results in more search work.

The Only Search Software You Will Ever Need.

Clockwork is more than just executive search software, it's a complete business solution. With built-in collaboration, talent relationship management and data synergy at its core, Clockwork was made specifically to support a great search process at every stage.

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