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Candidate Portal

Put Candidates In Control. Remain Compliant With Data Privacy Regulation and Allow Candidates To Self-Identify

Do More With A Candidate Portal

Configurable and Customizable For Your Firm

Gather general interest information or create and add Custom Fields to the Candidate Portal to collect the data and information that matters most to your firm and your searches.

Self-Identification By Candidates

Enhance your People data with the Candidate Portal by allowing candidates to self-identify and voluntarily submit demographic, diversity and gender data about themselves.

Built-In Data Privacy Compliance Solution

Remain compliant with data privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, and CASL. Allow Candidates to manage their personal data including a complete and auditable process for data removal requests.

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Gather The Data That Matters Most To You

Easily collect Candidate data that is important. Add, remove or create new Custom Fields in the Candidate Portal to get a more complete profile for a Candidate.

  • Customize and configure the Candidate Portal for your search process by checking, unchecking or adding new fields.
  • Gather general interest data to better segment candidate and talent pools.
  • Send email invites in just one-click for Candidates to submit their information and grant permissions.

Collect Data Through Self-Identification

Protect your Firm from unnecessary data privacy violations by allowing for Candidates to self-identify with certain attributes and voluntarily provide specific personal information including:

  • Demographic information such as salary and compensation details.
  • Self-identify with certain diverse groups, communities or gender affiliations.
  • Transparently show Candidates the information  you collect.
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A Complete Data Privacy Solution

Put Candidates in complete control of their personal data. Transparently ask for permissions and consent to hold and use their data for search purposes.

  • Create an auditable trail to verify consent for using personal data including requests for removal and deletion.
  • Permissions trigger automations that will add or remove Candidates from the People Database. 
  • Added safeguards prevent team members from accidentally importing Candidates again. 

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