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Track And Capture Data Unique To Your Search Process

Create Your Own Custom Fields To Capture Diversity Metrics, Candidate Details, GDPR / CCPA Compliance and More.

Endless Data and Metrics With Custom Fields In Clockwork

Create New Fields In Just A Few Clicks

Quickly set up new fields for your search firm to capture unique candidate, project, deal or company data and more using single- or multi-select lists and text fields.

Filter and Search Using Custom Fields

Get more out of your and by filtering and searching with Custom Fields. Quickly find diversity talent, create richer indexing for talent pools or look up special projects.

Powerful Reporting and Analytics

Use Custom Fields to easily report Candidate and project metrics in the Client Portal or quickly analyze your entire People database when pitching new clients.


Track Diversity & Inclusion Data

Ensure Diversity & Inclusion remains a measurable and searchable data point for your team and People Database by monitoring and tracking those belonging to select groups. For example:

  • When a client demands a diverse slate of Candidates.
  • Evaluate your People database and see high-level diversity demographics for your entire talent pool.
  • Empower your team to methodically track unique candidate data such as gender, ethnicity, community, identity, military service and more. 
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Remain Compliant With Data privacy Laws

Safeguard your Firm from unnecessary data privacy violations with regulatory laws like GDPR and CCPA. Implement a complete data privacy solution with Custom Fields.

  • Allow Candidates to self opt-in and grant permissions using Custom Fields.
  • Collect specific data that matters most by letting Candidates self-identify.
  • Demonstrate compliance with an auditable digital footprint of consent, data management and deletion activities. 

Richer Indexing and Categorization Beyond Simple Tags

Use Custom Fields for a more powerful way to track and leverage your data for People, Companies, Projects and Deals than simple tagging features. 

  • Single-Select or Multi-Select Lists and text fields allow for deeper customization.
  • Built-in reporting and analytics for People, Projects, Companies and Deals.
  • Pull specific metrics, charts and analysis for Searches and Candidates for business development.

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