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The most innovative software for executive search

Clockwork has the most complete feature set dedicated to Executive Search Projects.

Client Portal

A single place for you to showcase your work. Learn more about collaboration.

Long List

Invite clients or stakeholders to review longlists online.

Branded Client Emails

Put your Brand first in all email communications with your clients and stakeholders.

Collaborate Out-Of-Pocket

Keep your search on track and enable clients to provide valuable feedback through the Mobile App.

Real-time Status Report

Instant search and candidate status updates visible at any time.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Report to your clients or stakeholders on Diversity & Inclusion metrics.

Custom Reports

Share and present search project details that showcase your firm's brand and expertise.

Research Strategy Tools

Establish and share research criteria upfront to save time.

Notes & Templates

Leave internal notes on candidates to share information with the team in one place.

Team Analytics & Dashboards

Performance metrics across the entire team, organized by project.

External Recruiter Access

Grant project access to external recruiters.

Candidate Scoring & Ranking Tools

Evaluate candidates and how they measure up with the job description and criteria.

Email Templates

Share email templates and streamline outreach.

Event Tracking & Activity Records

Track activities and outreach by the team.

Mobile App

Remain productive and focused out-of-pocket with a feature-rich and user-friendly Mobile App.

Powerful Search & Filters

Leverage your database using advanced criteria and boolean search filters.

Configurable Projects

Unlimited projects can be used for search projects, candidate outreach, and business development.

Automated Contact Import

Use Bulk Resume Upload and Parsing or 3rd party data sources to quickly add contacts.

Bulk Edit

Edit fields on a multitude of candidates in seconds.

Candidate Status Tracking

Track a candidate's status as they progress through the search.

Remain Compliant with GDPR/CCPA

Use Candidate Portal, email templates and custom fields to implement and manage your privacy policies and process.

Contact & Company Database

Track and monitor relationships between people.

Data Enrichment

Automatically update your company and people data in just one click. Have the most accurate data in real-time.

Flexible Tagging

Sort and tag candidates and projects with tags specific to your search process.

Custom Fields & Field Configuration

Set up fields and values to match your unique search process, including skills, gender, region and more.

Automated Email Capture

Use out BCC email tool or our email integration to capture all correspondence.

Email Analytics

Track interactions on bulk email sends.

Automated Job Posts

Create public job post pages and submit interest forms.


Connect and leverage other tools your firm uses.

Premium API

Develop custom solutions to your firm's unique concerns using the Clockwork public API.

Built-in CRM

Powerful CRM lets you track and leverage your relationships with your contacts.

Deals Tracking

Monitor your deals with current clients in your deals pipeline.

Bulk Email Tools

Customize and send emails in bulk to contacts.


Document contract terms with clients.

Secure Single Sign-On (SSO)

Never worry about a forgotten password again, SSO enables one set of credentials for a faster and more secure log-in.

App Store Verified and Vetted

Our Mobile App is optimized for mobile devices and verified and vetted by third-party App Stores such as Apple.

SOC2 Certified

SOC2 certification verifies our software's security, integrity, confidentiality, privacy and more.

Strict Data Privacy Compliance

Remain compliant with data privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, and CASL with built-in safeguards and protection.

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