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Client Collaboration

Collaboration can mean the difference between a successful placement and a failed search project.

Increase in the likelihood of a successfully placement when clients use online collaboration.

Companies have used the client login feature of Clockwork to collaborate with search firms.

Projects have been completed with companies using client login to access Clockwork.

Make Client Management A Concern Of The Past

Whether you're a search firm working with a client or a corporate team working with in-house stakeholders, managing expectations can be a challenge. Inviting clients or stakeholders to collaborate on executive search projects can turn that apprehension into an asset. This inclusion can be the first step to resolving or avoiding many of the common issues executive recruiters face when managing expectations.


Create An Unparalleled Efficiency 

Your clients' active participation can make or break your search. This result is because a successful search process requires not only your expertise but the input that only your clients can provide. The more you involve them in the search process, the better chance you have at successfully ending the search with a quality placement. Your clients' involvement enables you to:
  • Increase communication and transparency which in turn builds trust
  • Save time and effort by constantly moving forward with the search rather than backtracking to fix mistakes
  • Establish realistic goals that ensure both you and your clients are on the same page


Keep Clients Engaged Through A Collaborative Platform

The Clockwork platform was specifically designed to bring search firms and their clients together to revolutionize the way that they conduct executive search. Keep them involved every step of the way and increase the likelihood of a successful placement with a multitude of features backed by a proven methodology including:
  • A Client Portal so you can give your clients a comprehensive view of the search project's progress
  • Strategy outline tools to create a search strategy alongside your clients and easily make changes as you go
  • Research strategy tools like longlists, coverage reports and scorecards that allow you to cultivate transparency
  • Custom Fields that enable you to capture unique and vital information during your outreach that matters most
  • Real-time status updates and Custom Reports to prepare your client with the resources they need to make well-informed decisions
  • An interactive and intuitive Mobile App enables clients to collaborate and give valuable feedback even when out-of-pocket.

Clients are amazed and they love it

When I used the old method of sending PDFs over email to my clients, it was a nightmare. Now they are amazed to see that they can just log in, look at candidates and leave comments, whenever it is convenient for them. They love it!
Sanford Rose Associates Clockwork Customer

Managing Director, Sanford Rose Associates

Our clients are big fans of the client portal

Our clients are big fans of the client portal and if they’re happy, we’re happy.
Accelent, Inc. Clockwork Customer

Managing Director, Accelent, Inc.

Clients love the high-tech aspect of Clockwork

My clients love the high-tech aspect of Clockwork–they brag about being able to log in and see what’s going on at any time.
ZRG partners Clockwork Customer

Managing Director, ZRG Partners

We're driving results faster

My clients rave about Clockwork - literally, they're hooked on it! We're collaborating better and driving results faster.

Managing Director, Ezekiel Global Executive Search

Our clients love the transparency

One of the first clients I exposed to Clockwork called me after he logged in and said, “Dave, I can't believe this. You've lifted the veil on Executive Search! I've been hiring search firms for 15 years and they would come in, meet with me, and then go away. And then some weeks later they come back with some candidates and I had no idea how they did any of it. You're making the process totally transparent.”
Arnold Partners Clockwork Customer

President, Arnold Partners

Best of Both Worlds, Seamless communication

Search firms tend to either be hesitant to share any candidates that they haven't fully vetted, or they just sling resumes for anyone they come in contact with. Clockwork gives me the visibility into who's in the process along with the full context that it might be an early read with more work to be done. It is the best of both worlds. Moreover, it allows for seamless communication amongst the recruiters, my HR team, and my Hiring Manager, and there's a huge amount of value in this.

Director Corporate Recruiting, Asurion

Convenient & transformative

Kudos to Clockwork, what a gem of a tool. The strategy tab allows us to control where we look. This is so convenient and transformative.
First Advantage Corporation

Executive Vice President, First Advantage Corporation

Excellent & transparent

Appreciate the transparency—the system is excellent.

CEO, HotelTonight

Improves my experience

Clockwork dramatically improves my experience as a client. It’s tailored for executive search, intuitive, and incredibly slick.
Centro LLC

Founder & CEO, Centro, LLC

Clockwork has taken the veil off retained search

Clockwork has taken the veil off retained search. It doesn't feel so much like the Wizard of Oz.
Abundant Venture Partners

Operating Partner, Abundant Venture Partners

Clear, easy to use, compelling

This is a very clear, easy to use and compelling platform. Never seen anything that compares to Clockwork from another search firm.

President, CEO, & Director, RB / Schiff Nutrition International

Clockwork is the reason we chose our search firm

This is our first time working with a particular search firm, and Clockwork is one of the reasons we decided to go with them.

Partner, Sagard Capital 

Simple & intuitive

I think the user interface is very simple, intuitive and guided towards the primary use cases. It is not overwhelmed with secondary and tertiary functionality. It works exactly like you think it should work. Great product.

Chief Product Officer, DocuSign, Inc.

A very effective platform

Clockwork is a very effective platform, and we'd prefer all our search firms use it.
Berkshire Partners

Managing Director, Berkshire Partners

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