Key features to streamline your executive search process


Remain Compliant with GDPR/CCPA/CASL and Data Privacy Regulation

Stay compliant with current privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, or CASL by using Clockwork’s Candidate Portal. Safeguard your Firm from unnecessary and costly privacy infringements:

  • Candidates manage their personal data and provide permissions.
  • Guard against accidental violations with built-in automations.
  • Store auditable data securely in compliance with privacy laws.
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Clockwork Finance Module

Manage And Track Your Project Finances

Clockwork’s Finance Module provides a single solution for project billing, commissions, and finance reporting in the same platform you manage your search projects. 

  • Log and track expected payments for each project.
  • Document commissions splits for each project.
  • View the project finances that matter most.
  • Run financial reports across projects by Team Member or Client.
  • Limit access to sensitive firm finances.
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Job Posts

Generate Job Posts With A Few Easy Clicks

Save time and effort by managing your project and corresponding job posting internally with Clockwork's Job Posts.  

  • Easily create branded job posts with a few clicks
  • Automatically pull specified information from your project
  • Generate forms to allow Candidates to submit interest, which automatically notifies your team
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Track And Report On Diversity & Inclusion

Clockwork allows you to capture, manage and report on important Diversity & Inclusion data with Custom Fields. Highlight unique metrics such as:

  • Gender, Ethnicity and Age
  • Skills and Socioeconomic Background
  • Sexual Orientation, Disability and More

Custom Fields uses single-select lists, multi-select lists and text fields that are easy to manage and update as you need them.

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Create Custom Fields for Your Unique Search Process

Use Custom Fields to capture critical candidate details unique to your executive search process including skills, region, experience, diversity and more. Use Custom Fields to:

  • Filter and search by specific qualifications.
  • Showcase candidate data on client reports.
  • Expand and quantify your people database with multiple custom fields.
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Custom Reports That Are Unique To You

Keep your branding consistent across every client touchpoint with Custom Reports. Quickly generate and download Custom Reports that include relevant candidate and search details in one comprehensive document while raising your brand awareness.

Save time and convey your search firm's brand in a clearly formatted and streamlined way.

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Automate Your Search Close Out Process

Automate your search close-out process with Custom Gong Reports. Choose specific team members to automatically notify when you close a search such as:

  • All Users
  • Only administrators and partners
  • A specific list of emails or team mates such as the billing department
Remain in control of sensitive information and only share relevant details, data and contract documents with certain people.
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Communicate With Your Brand First

Elevate your brand awareness and visibility with clients using Branded Client Emails. Custom design emails to leave a lasting impression featuring your company logo, unique hyperlink colors and more. Highlight your branding within:

  • Client collaboration invites
  • New user emails
  • New note notifications
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Customize Clockwork for your search process.

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