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Create Public Job Posts

Easily create custom Job Posts directly from project details you've already entered in Clockwork.

An easier way to attract and manage candidate interest

Customizable and Branded

Create a job post in just a few clicks with details pulled directly from your search project. Add to the candidate experience and raise brand awareness by including client and firm logos.

Automation And Alerts

Clockwork notifies your team when someone submits interest, and automatically adds new candidates to your database and the project.

Increase and Drive DEI Forward

Generate public URLs to share on your website or social media and attract equity seeking groups to increase diversity across your search and database.


Raise Brand Awareness With A better candidate experience

Build brand recognition and awareness for your search and place your client's brand in front of candidates. Keep confidential searches confidential and hide client logos or mentions. 

  • Job Post data is pulled directly from project details. No need to copy / paste it all, just simply turn on or off specific sections from visibility.
  • Build your reputation with your branding beside client logos.
  • Provide a seamless candidate experience and let candidates submit their details on a single page.
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Automation That Saves Time

Candidates are automatically added to your People database and directly onto the search project. Receive automated alerts when a candidate submits their interest from a Job Post for a position.

  • Save time and clicks with candidates automatically added to the project.
  • Increase your candidate pool and automatically add them to your database.
  • Automatic team notification when a candidate submits their interest.

Attract Diversity and Equity Seeking Groups To Searches And Your Firm

Expand your reach beyond your immediate talent networks using Job Posts. Generate public URLs for searches with Job Posts and share to your website, community groups, social media and more. 

  • Reach more diversity and equity seeking groups for a search.
  • Generate broader interest beyond your immediate talent pools.
  • Increase DEI candidates and representation within your People Database.

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