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Online Course: The Eight Stages Of Successful Retained Search

This free online course includes a series of videos, interactive tasks, and examples designed to guide you through every stage in the retained search process. From winning more work to growing your business and everything in between, learn how you can improve your retained search business with the Eight Stage methodology. Included in the course are:

  • Worksheets - specialization, target market, and more
  • Checklists - screening, closing out a search, and more
  • Templates - pitch deck, placement announcement, and more
  • Examples - research coverage report, status report, and more
  • Presentation slides from the video

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By the end of this self-guided 9 part series you'll understand:

  • The fundamental principles of successful retained search
  • How to implement key concepts and transform them into practical techniques
  • How to create and leverage your search process to progressively grow your business

what you can achieve through the eight stages methodology

Gain the upper hand with a deeper understanding of what makes for an efficient and effective search process.

Establish a defined search process

Lay the foundation for a strong search process with a communal understanding of fundamental concepts and how to implement them.

Improve Team & Client Transparency

A good search team is not one that focuses on individual tasks, but one that understands the value in cohesive units working towards a common goal.

Complete search projects quicker

Distinguish yourself from the competition, establish longterm partnerships with your clients, and improve search project efficiency so you can grow your business.

Win More Work

Leverage results and accelerate your business growth by focusing on a key element of the search process: client satisfaction.