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AI And Executive Search Report 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Generative AI (ChatGPT) and Automation over the past year have evolved at a rapid pace. To gain a deeper understanding and the future evolution of AI’s role in executive search we published the AI and Executive Search Report. The survey was structured based upon the 8 Stages of the executive search process where respondents were asked how likely AI would impact each stage, followed by specific applications around tasks, uses and areas of innovation for AI.

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The Eight Stages of Successful Retained Search Ebook

Required reading for your entire executive search team, this free ebook explains The Eight Stages of Successful Retained Search in detail. Learn how to most effectively and efficiently proceed from the first stage to the last.

Successful search firms aren't just groups of people focusing on individual tasks. They’re cohesive units working together throughout the search to accomplish a common goal. The entire team needs to understand what completing a successful search entails—from finding new work through closing out each project—to providing the best service for clients. Every stage is connected and depends on the others.

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Ultimate Buyer's Guide To Executive Search Software EBook

The Ultimate Buyer's Guide To Executive Search Software teaches you the step-by-step fundamental basics for what you need to look for in executive search software, how to build your firm's goals into an evaluation and how to navigate the process. In this eBook you will learn:

  • What Defines Your Firm’s Goals, Criteria, Wants And Needs.
  • How To Research And Evaluate Your Options.
  • To Calculate Your Return On Investment (ROI) For Search Software.
  • How To Set A Budget Based Upon Measurable Success And Firm Goals.
  • To Build A Case With Firm Stakeholders When Presenting The Best Software Options.
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Executive Search Performance Benchmark Report

The Executive Search Performance Benchmark Report provides a common understanding of what great search looks like based on real search project data. What you'll learn in this free report:

  • How long retained search projects take on average and the likelihood of success
  • How to measure and track the effectiveness and efficiency of your search projects
  • How various factors, like industry, location, and job function, can impact performance
  • How to align expectations, increase project performance, and ensure success
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