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A Complete Business Solution For Executive Search

Clockwork provides innovative and highly flexible software and services for retained search firms, in-house executive recruiting teams, and institutional investors to accelerate executive talent acquisition.

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Free Online Course

Learn about the methodology behind Clockwork's Software in this self-guided course. The Eight Stages of Successful Retained Search online course is designed to guide you through every stage in the retained search process. From winning more work to growing your business and everything in between, learn how you can improve your retained search business. Included in the course are:

  • Worksheets - specialization, target market, and more
  • Checklists - screening, closing out a search, and more
  • Templates - pitch deck, placement announcement, and more
  • Examples - research coverage report, status report, and more
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A Solution For Improving & Growing Your Business

A Solution For Improving & Growing Your Business

Clockwork is a complete business solution for retained search firm owners that includes:

Software Based on a Methodology that Drives Superior Results

Software Based on a Methodology that Drives Superior Results

Built by former executive recruiters, our methodology supports every stage—eight in all—of successful retained search. Clockwork’s software and process eliminate roadblocks to success, including:

  • Poor client relationships due to lack of trust, process, and collaboration
  • Inefficient search teams resulting from poor communication and limited understanding of roles & responsibilities
  • Wasted time trying to get meaningful data that is difficult to access and leverage
  • Not being able to consistently find the right work or leverage past clients for business development

Learn more about The Eight Stages of Successful Retained Search in our free online course or free ebook.


Consulting & Partner Services That Produce Top Performers

The Clockwork Consulting Group analyzes your search firm’s process and key performance metrics to identify actionable solutions to reach your business goals. The analysis results in a customized plan—including potential partner services and solutions—to turn your firm into a top performer in your area(s) of strength and expertise. 

Learn more about the key performance metrics in our free industry report.

A Referral Network to Get More Business

A Referral Network to Get More Business

Clockwork Network firms are referred pre-qualified work when they surface as a top performer for that client’s specific search needs. Companies come to The Clockwork Network to request these recommendations because they know they will find retained search firms that have demonstrated above-average performance for their search criteria.

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If you want to be the go-to trusted advisor, Clockwork allows you to separate your firm from the rest. When you and your client are a close team, one plus one equals three, not just two.
Jen Colosi, Founder & Partner, Colosi Associates

Founder & Partner, Colosi Associates

Clockwork facilitates teaming with the client on the search. I want my hiring manager to be involved with the process from the beginning because that shortens the time to hire and improves client satisfaction.
Tom Thomson

Principal & Managing Director, Sanford Rose Associates

It's changed the way I interact with clients and the way I run searches. I communicate with my clients in a more focused way. Prospective clients like to hear that I offer transparency.
Dave Arnold, President, Arnold Partners, LLC

President, Arnold Partners, LLC

It has streamlined our processes and made everything more seamless. I just love the 24/7 access for clients. Clockwork allows our clients to login whenever they want, view candidates, and collaborate.
Richard Herbert

President, Helix Executive Search

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