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For all kinds of Executive Search teams, Clockwork is the most innovative and fleximizable software dedicated to Executive Search projects. Don't take our word for it, here's what our customers think.

Boss loves it

It’s terrific. I love it and my boss loves it. She was so resistant to change in the beginning and now she’s a total convert.

Principal Consultant, Breuer Consulting Group

supports a true relationship with the client

Clockwork makes the entire search process much more efficient, from pitching the work to the day to day communications about search. As a communication tool, it supports a trust relationship with your client like no other tools do. Clients know what is going on with the search because they can check in to get real-time updates at any time of day. And when we want to share status updates with the client, we don’t have to dig that information out of some backend system to produce reports in various formats. That information is always at our fingertips with Clockwork.
Colosi Associates Clockwork Customer

President, Colosi Associates

Great collaborative platform

I'm very happy with Clockwork and have even referred it to others. Users not only have control over what their temporary hires view and access, but they can also give their clients access to the project. It's a great collaborative platform that has helped to build trust and transparency.
Cooke & White advisors

Founder, Cooke & White Advisors 

The most intuitive of any other system

I’ve been in the executive search field for 27 years and was so disgusted by the platforms that were out there. When I heard that there was a new platform that had been built by people who had actually been in executive search, I jumped on it. Clockwork is by far the best; it’s the easiest to use and navigate and the most intuitive of any other system in this space.
Accelent, Inc. Clockwork Customer

Managing Director, Accelent, Inc.

The Makers of Clockwork really know executive search

I didn’t want to change my system, but when I saw Clockwork I really loved it. I know whoever built this system really knows executive search.
lepage international inc Clockwork Customer

President, LEPAGE International Inc.

Brings much-needed efficiency and clarity

Clockwork Recruiting’s secure online workspace brings much-needed efficiency and clarity to search projects. We post the search strategy, research, candidates, resumes and assessments, and more. Our clients have real-time access to their searches and clear feedback channels.
Next Strategic Search Clockwork Customer

Partner, Next Strategic Search

A really good tool that saves a lot of time

Clockwork gives me a really good tool to execute and it also saves me a lot of time on the reporting side, something that was always a thorn in my side with every other system that I've used.
Origin Advisors

Managing Principal, Origin Advisors & Inc.

Ease of reporting, real-time updates, and overall use

Our search process was stressful and time-consuming before using Clockwork. Now, not only does the platform allow my client access to the project, but the ease of reporting, real-time updates, and the overall ease of use make this the ideal tool for us. My team and I love using Clockwork!
Prowess Search partners

Co-founder & Talent Champion, Prowess Search Partners

Our clients love it

Clockwork is a powerhouse solution. Our clients love it. We love it.
Steve John and Associates Clockwork Customer

Founder, Steve John & Associates, LLC

Updates in real-time and improved report generation

So many things about Clockwork have helped my process: updates in real-time, import capabilities, improved report generation, and I've also gotten great feedback from clients.
Stoneybrook Search

President & Founder, Stoneybrook Search, LLC

Better than others

Having used 3 systems before, Clockwork is head and shoulders better than the others!!
Albany Partners Clockwork Customer

Managing Partner, Albany Partners

Clients can see our progress and efforts

Clockwork has fundamentally changed the way we deliver our services and communicate with our clients—for the better. We use Clockwork to research our potential candidate base prior to meeting with prospective clients giving them comfort even before they engage us that we can deliver and they see the platform in which we will communicate. Throughout the search process, our clients can see our progress and efforts on a real-time basis. It has made our business a much more creditable competitor and blows away our competition.
Arnold Partners Clockwork Customer

President, Arnold Partners

Productivity has gone up

I used a different platform before Clockwork and it was very overwhelming to use. After using Clockwork for over 4 years, I can now say that my firm gets more work completed in less time and our level of productivity has gone up. Thanks to Clockwork, we're winning more work.
Burnham Root

Principal, Burnham Root

We just love Clockwork

I was going to spend a lot of money on another system and held off to see these features roll out. I'm so glad, I'm literally teary-eyed. We just love Clockwork.
Carpe Diem Partners Clockwork Customer

Founder & Managing Partner, Carpe Diem Partners

Really Organized

I think Clockwork is a grand slam for our industry and our business. I like that I am able to click on a project and see the candidates and keep it really organized - it's just fantastic.
Leading Edge Clockwork Customer

President & Founder, Leading Edge Medical Search

Clients are really happy with the transparency

Clockwork has become a clear differentiator for the firm–our clients are really happy with the transparency and the team is more efficient and effective as a team.
Northwind Partners

Partner, Northwind Partners

Our clients love Clockwork

We love Clockwork and our clients do as well. In the early stages of a search, they seem to find it particularly useful. They like being able to see all the candidates and all the info in one place.
QueensBench Clockwork Customer

Principal & Founder, QueensBench Search

Transparent search projects allow for meaningful trust

I love the ability to create private project rooms to share with my private equity clients. It lets me run very transparent search projects that build meaningful trust. It's a game-changer.
Rate of Return Clockwork Customer

Managing Director, Rate of Return

Easy to use

I just had a new associate join my team, someone who has never worked with search software before, and it was so easy for them to come into Clockwork and immediately start working.

Founder, TechRecruiter

Helped advance my business

Clockwork saved me 30 hours a week on data entry. And that freed me up to do more search work, which helped me advance my business.
Roar Group

Partner, Roar Group

Tailored to the needs of an executive search consultant

Service is specifically and uniquely tailored to the needs of an executive search consultant. The interface is accessible and easily interpretable.
The Grant Partners Clockwork Recruiting

Executive Search Consultant, The Grant Partners

User friendly with a clean design

Clockwork is a user-friendly, executive-search specific solution with a visually clean design and responsive tech support.

Principal, Junos Group

Intuitive and easy to use

What I love about Clockwork is that it’s intuitive and easy to use. It keeps me organized and up-to-date and helps keep my projects moving efficiently through each stage of the search. The reports are comprehensive and my clients and I can easily write notes and see updates in real-time. I've had such a great experience, I've referred Clockwork to my peers. And everyone I’ve talked to who uses Clockwork has no idea what they did before they had it- it’s like the internet or cellphones, how did we even exist?
Recruiting Consultants Inc Clockwork Customer

Principal, Recruiting Consultants Inc.

24/7 access for clients

It has streamlined our processes and made everything more seamless. I just love the 24/7 access for clients. We’re completely transparent and Clockwork allows our clients to login whenever they want, view candidates, and collaborate if/when they want to.
Helix executive search and recruiting

President, Helix Executive Search & Recruiting

Easy to use

Easy to use, and provides the tools we need to quickly share candidate profiles. Additionally, it serves as our candidate database long-term, so its value increases over time.
Collegiate Sports Associates Clockwork Customer

Director of Operations, Collegiate Sports Associates

A must-have tool in the retained search space

Clockwork is an efficient, collaborative, and honestly, a must-have tool in the retained search space. Everything from the user-friendly interface to candidate management to unsurpassed reporting capabilities—it's been a game-changer for not only us internally at the firm, but from a transparency standpoint for our clients.
Flatiron Search Partners Clockwork Customer

Director of Search Operations, Flatiron Search Partners

Allows for transparency and collaboration

Using Clockwork looks good for me and my business. It shows that I’m using something new and innovative. It allows me to be transparent with my clients, without giving up control of what I show them and when. There’s a whole new element of collaboration that a simple database can’t offer. And, I like that. My clients like that, too.
elite performance partners

Founding Partner, Elite Performance Partners

Clients love it

So easy to use and intuitive. Clients love it.
renovata-and-company Clockwork Customer

Partner, Renovata & Company

Clockwork facilitates teaming with the client

Clockwork facilitates teaming with the client on the search. I can easily share my research with the client and that can spark suggestions for target companies or candidates I may have missed. I want my hiring manager to be involved with the process from the beginning because that shortens the time to hire and improves client satisfaction.
Sanford Rose Associates Clockwork Customer

Principal & Managing Director, Sanford Rose Associates

Status calls are so easy

The clients have been logging in! The status call was so easy–I used to rush around before the call, entering data, typing in people’s backgrounds. Now we just keep it up to date as we go.
Ventura Partners Clockwork Customer

Nikki Stone, Ventura Partners

Really enjoying Clockwork

I’m really enjoying Clockwork, definitely more than the last system I was using. I invite my clients to the project and I don’t have to do status reports anymore!
ZRG partners Clockwork Customer

Managing Director, ZRG Partners

Easy to use

Easy to use, great customer support, and an effective pricing model.

Head of Talent Acquisition, AMC Networks

Manual Labor cut in half

Previously, we used a lot of spreadsheets and reports, on top of tracking and gathering all of the data needed for a long list. Once we started using Clockwork it cut our manual labor by 85-90%, enabling us to complete an initial Long List in a day, rather than a week!
teradata Clockwork Customer

Global Executive Search Partner, Teradata

The Best Tool

The best tool I've ever used.
Capital One Clockwork Customer

Tech Talent Acquisition Leader, Capital One

Easy and efficient

I have to say I've been spoiled by Clockwork. It's much easier, much more efficient.
Banneker Partners Clockwork Customer

Partner, Banneker Partners

Easy to log in and see what's going on

We like it when our search firms use Clockwork. It makes it really easy for us to log in and see what is going on with a search. In fact, we like it so much that we now use Clockwork internally at our firm.
New Enterprise Associates Clockwork Customer

Partner, New Enterprise Associates

Convenient and reliable

It's so much more convenient and reliable than keeping an Excel sheet!
General Catalyst

Operations Manager & Executive Assistant, General Catalyst

Our firm closes projects faster

We've demoed with other companies and they definitely don't have all of what Clockwork offers. The platform has helped our firm close projects faster and keep everyone on the same page. Clockwork is the get-stuff-done tool!
SymphonyAI Clockwork Customer

Head of Talent Acquisition, SymphonyAI

Our go-to source for executive talent

We deployed Clockwork and imported the CSC database containing a repository of resumes of executives. It is fast becoming a powerful initial go-to source for executive talent for due diligence support and potential portfolio company management candidates.
Court Square Clockwork Customer

Partner, Court Square Capital Partners

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