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Manage Commissions And Search Financials

A Single Solution For Billing, Commission splits, and Finance Management

Manage And Track Your Project Finances

Track Payments And Run Financial Reports

Log, track, and reconcile payments due, payments received, and outstanding balances by client or search. Run, view, and download financial reports by Team Member or Client.

Designate Commissions, Splits and Referral Fees

Save, manage and track commissions for a search by team member. Set commissions rates by percentage or fixed fees and designate commission splits depending on your firm's process.

Secure Access And Restrict Permissions

Keep finances and sensitive information secure. Set permissions to restrict access to financial data and provide access to only the appropriate people within your Firm.


Track, Manage and Run Financial Reports In One Place

Manage your search related finances in one streamlined location using Clockwork’s Finance Module.

  • Log payment schedules, billing and reconcile invoices.
  • View finances and billing activity across projects and clients.
  • Filter and report on total billing by team member and by client. 

Track Commissions Fees And Designate Splits

Store, manage and track commissions and splits for team members across each project. Set splits based upon a percentage or fixed fee of the total search revenue.

  • Configure and customize fee structures specific to your firm
  • Track referrals from other firms or friends of the firm.
  • Manage, track and report on commissions for each team member.
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Secure Access To Sensitive Financial Data

Set permissions for specific individuals in your firm to view and access sensitive financial information. Allow for specific team members to manage billing, payments, commissions, financial reports and more.

  • Keep search firm and financial information secure and restrict your team's access.
  • Log, track and reconcile payments due, received and outstanding balances by Client or project.
  • Grant specific permissions to team members responsible for finances.

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