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Data Enrichment

Ensure you have the most up-to-date people and company data with on-demand or automatic data enrichment.

Automatically Update people and company records Using Clockwork

Instantly Update People and Company Data

Transform your research process with On-Demand or Automatic Data Enrichment. Capture people and company data directly from external data sources to build the most accurate database.

Say Goodbye To LinkedIn Scraping Tools

Save your team time without having to scrape LinkedIn profiles one by one with a browser plug-in. Update and enrich people and company data in bulk without leaving Clockwork.

A Scaleable Data Solution That Fits Your Process

Refresh your entire people database all at once or choose certain groups or individuals to update. Get the most accurate company data in real-time for business development.


Flexible Options For On-Demand Or Automatic Data Enrichment

Instantly update thousands of people and company records all at once or let it run automatically in the background. 

  • On-Demand Enrichment: Choose specific groups or individual people or companies to enrich on-demand in just one-click.
  • Recurring Enrichment: Automatically run data enrichment in the background placing the most accurate people and company data at your fingertips.
  • See a time-stamp when people and company records were last updated.
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Data Enrichment At A Deeper Level

Save your team time by enriching people and company records without leaving Clockwork. Create a rich and data-first approach to search.

  • Forget LinkedIn scraper tools that update one record at a time. Pull and update people and company data directly in Clockwork in bulk. 
  • Leverage your database as a single source of truth to streamline research and outreach and close searches faster.

  • Add value to clients knowing you have the most accurate and up-to-date people data.


Data Enrichment That Fits Your Firm's Needs

Update your entire database all at once, choose specific groups or individual people and companies to enrich in real-time depending on your research process.

  • Clockwork's Data Enrichment feature is powered by an integration with our trusted data partner, Nubela.
  • Choose to pay as you go with On-Demand Data Enrichment or purchase credits in bulk to enable Automatic Data Enrichment.
  • One Data Enrichment credit equates to one record update (people or company)

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