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Email and Workspace Integrations

Connect Your Emails, Calendar, Files and More To Clockwork with Microsoft 365 and Google.

Send Emails, Sync Calendars and Edit Shared Documents In Clockwork

Connect Outlook and Gmail

Create and send new emails directly in Clockwork, respond to a previous thread and see all email activity and history from your Outlook or Gmail account logged in Clockwork.

Sync Your Calendar

Sync your Outlook or Google calendar to Clockwork. Add, edit, update, or remove events and it automatically updates in both places. See your day or week ahead at a glance.

Edit, Upload and Share Files

Upload, edit and share documents from OneDrive or Google Drive inside Clockwork. Editing documents or files in Clockwork automatically updates them in OneDrive or Google Drive.


All Your Emails and Outreach In One Place

Capture, send and see all of your emails, replies, threads and more from Outlook or Gmail in Clockwork. 

  • Draft and send emails to candidates, clients, sources and more directly within Clockwork.
  • Attach documents and files directly from your shared drive in Clockwork.
  • Reply back to clients or candidates and CC others on your team. 
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Sync Your Calendars And Events To Clockwork

Two-way syncing allows you to edit, update and remove calendar events and tasks in both Clockwork and Outlook / Google Calendar.

  • Add, edit, decline, and remove events created in Outlook or Google Calendar directly in Clockwork and vice versa.
  • See all past and future events and participant invites directly in a Person's record. 
  • See upcoming calendar events and tasks for the week ahead in Docket.
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Collaborate, Edit, View and Share Documents In Clockwork

Add, edit, upload and share documents, decks, resumes and more directly in Clockwork. 

  • Append shared drive documents directly to People and Candidate records.
  • View, edit and save documents without leaving Clockwork. 
  • Organize and sync files between Clockwork and your shared drive. 
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See and Plan The Week Ahead With Docket

With the Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace integration turned on, you can see all tasks, events, calls, meetings and more for the week or weeks ahead. 

  • Provide deeper and richer context for calendar events by affiliating them with People, Projects, Deals, Candidates and more. 
  • Quickly find, edit and filter for upcoming calendar events and tasks 
  • See all of your activity for the week or weeks ahead in a single view in Clockwork

Additional configuration & fees may apply.

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