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Custom Reports

Showcase Search Details and Progress In A Branded and Easily Customizable Format.

Generate Custom Reports With Specific Search Details and Data.

Generate Client-Ready Custom Reports

Produce client-ready and search-specific reports. Decide what search data and details to include or omit from a report and download directly in PDF, Word or Excel format.

Keep Your Brand Front And Center

Drive awareness and build brand recognition with your client by easily creating reports that demonstrate your firm's ability to deliver results.

Save Time With Specific Reports Types and Format Options

Save time by choosing specific report types. From high-level Status Reports to complete Candidate Profile reports and more, choose to export in PDF, Excel or Word Doc format.

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Client-Ready and Easily Configurable

Custom Reports enable your firm to download client-ready reports without having to edit or clean-up search data after exporting.

  • Easily check or uncheck specific search data or fields to include in the report.
  • Reports are simple and easy for clients to quickly understand and read. 
  • Demonstrate the value you bring to clients at every stage of the search process.

Raise Brand Recognition and Awareness

Place your brand front and center. Keep your branding consistent across all types of reports regardless of which team member creates them. 

  • Build your reputation with clients by generating custom reports that demonstrate your ability to deliver results.
  • Remain consistent across all report types and formats.
  • Keep your search firm's name and brand top of mind internally for your client.

Save Time With Specific Report Formats and Types

Quickly choose from any number of Custom Reports to showcase your work throughout the search process without having to edit after exporting.

  • Generate reports for status calls, timelines, candidate profiles, research criteria, candidate rankings and much more. 
  • Include charts to visualize talent pool demographics and candidate status data.
  • Choose the right file type to download including PDF, Word or Excel.

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