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Bulk Edit Your People Database

Clockwork Product Team - January 29, 2020
Your data management process at the moment might go something like this:
  • Click on an individual person record
  • Select a single category or multiple to edit
  • Make the necessary changes
  • Press save
  • Exit that record only to repeat this process several more times
With Clockwork’s Bulk Edit feature, editing and managing your people data just got a lot easier. Long gone are the days of manually clicking, one by one, through every single person record in your database simply to make a few edits. Now you can make the necessary adjustments, establish processes and create solutions in a matter of minutes.

Streamline Your Data Management Process

Keeping a clean database is critical for leveraging your people database in future search projects. If you have well over a thousand people in your database, managing their information can be a tedious process.
However, with the new Bulk Edit feature, simply gather a list of under 1000 people from your database, click on Bulk Edit, make the necessary changes, hit save, and you're done. In seconds you can edit multiple categories in hundreds of person records at a time. In minutes you can edit your entire database.
This way you can deploy an efficient method for managing data that allows you to leverage your people database in support of a seamless search process.

Implement Solutions

One of the many goals of any business is to find simpler solutions to laborious tasks. Creating a process for regulating and tracking GDPR/CCPA privacy notices is one such example of a solution that Clockwork can help you manage.
Say for example you had a list of people you had to send GDPR privacy notices to. You can utilize an Email Template for privacy notices and compose a bulk email to send to those in this list. Furthermore, you can keep this same list selected should you need to update their GDPR notice to “Sent” in the Custom Fields option of the Bulk Edit feature. In conjunction with Bulk Edits and other Clockwork Pro Tier features, this process can become the easiest part of your day.
Make the most of the new Bulk Edit feature to enhance your firm's day to day processes. Whether you're systemizing your firm's operations or your firm's search process, Clockwork can help you get to where you need to be. To learn more about how to use the new Bulk Edit feature visit the Bulk Edit support article.

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Clockwork Product Team

Clockwork Product Team

The Clockwork product team is always working on improvements to make your retained search projects run even better than before.

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