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Focus On The Tasks That Matter With Configurable Project Types

Clockwork Product Team - August 6, 2019

Let’s say for example you're a partner at a firm and you have a long list of clients that you've worked with over the years in the tech sector in the Bay Area. Subsequently, you want to add these folks to an internal project called  “Clients - Tech Indus., Bay Area.” If you're using this list primarily for marketing purposes, you want to label it as such and focus the project for that specific function.

In a different instance, let's say that you want to maintain a healthy candidate pool for your most frequently run project types. These aren't active candidates and wouldn't ever require that a client logs in. The focus of interaction in these projects are adding and maintaining "Candidates."

By specifying the type of project, you can isolate your activities to the nature of your interactions with those contacts. 

Leverage Your Project Interface To Fit Your Use

Projects are crucial to establishing and maintaining an organized search firm — and the way you characterize them even more so. Every project you create has a purpose behind it, whether it’s to manage a list of candidates or market to a custom group of people.

With configurable project types, you can narrow down your focus and give that purpose more clarity. So if you’re managing a candidate list for a specific industry, you can now customize your settings and restrict some tabs from view to reflect that specific type of project. (1)

It doesn’t stop there. Each Project Type can have its very own Statuses. Create your unique list of statuses in the Configure Statuses area of Firm Settings and then update their visibility per project type. No searching through a list of 100+ statuses for just the statuses that support your Marketing Projects and no cluttering up of Retained Search Projects with a bunch of superfluous internal project statuses. Clean, trimmed, and relevant to your specific workflow from start to finish.

Clockwork works hard to support the unique needs of its users. With configurability, you can reduce the unnecessary parts of the workflow from your view for internal, marketing, and other projects so you can concentrate your efforts where they matter most.

For more information, see the Configure: Project Types support articles in our Clockwork support site.

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Clockwork Product Team

Clockwork Product Team

The Clockwork product team is always working on improvements to make your retained search projects run even better than before.

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