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With over 10 years of marketing expertise within the executive search and executive recruitment industry, Retaindly has implemented and delivered hundreds of marketing strategies and campaigns for executive recruiters and boutique executive search firms worldwide.

Retaindly is a new type of marketing service tailor-made exclusively for the executive search industry. At Retaindly, we offer marketing services and products designed to be flexible that scale with your executive search firm. Retaindly supports and advises every level of your marketing strategy from beginning to end.


Retaindly's Self-Service Marketing is available as downloadable products to provide executive recruiters and executive search firms with expert advice, best practices and insights to build a robust and effective marketing strategy. From social media to content marketing, Retaindly can help refine and hyper-target your current marketing initiatives.  


A new approach to effective and results driven marketing that is designed specifically for start-up executive search firms and independent executive recruiters. Our subscription-based marketing-as-a-service offers executive recruiters the fundamental marketing and brand basics for launching a new business. Retaindly offers executive recruiters two subscription tiers, Basic and Pro.

  • Retaindly Basic - Retaindly Basic provides executive recruiters and executive search start-ups access to our complete product library of self-service marketing tools for an annual fee. Retaindly Basic provides you with insights, best practices and new ideas for every aspect of your marketing strategy.

  • Retaindly Pro - Retaindly Pro offers independent executive recruiters the fundamental marketing and branding tools needed to successfully launch an executive search business including:
    • Branded and Customizable Website Optimized for SEO and SEM (With optional blog page)
    • Custom One-Page Marketing Brochure
    • Distinct Logo
    • Access To Full Self-Service Marketing Product Library
    • 4 Step Email Marketing Campaign


For when your team is too busy to manage social media campaigns or write next month's blog post, Retaindly can step in to support your marketing projects by writing and designing content, eBooks, blog articles, white papers, thought leadership SEO, web copy, social media posts and more.

Retaindly also offers project-based social media management, paid social ad campaigns, email nurture campaign set-up and more. Leave your marketing projects to the experts at Retaindly, and let your team get back to important executive search work.


Retaindly's Interim Marketing Services offer boutique executive search firms the value and expertise of a full-time marketing expert but the flexibility of 6, 8 and 12 month engagements at a much lower investment. Retaindly will analyze your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities within your marketing plan and implement a fully realized marketing strategy that yields results and generates more leads.

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