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A Clockwork Partner Providing Candidate Research Services

About Benvolo

Global Company Data Aggregator & Mapping Technology

We offer a discreet and dependable mapping service in over 150 countries. Our proprietary technology makes this a simple, effective and accurate process - every time.

Our Services

We provide mapping services on a global scale and across every industry with 100% accuracy including:

  • Company mapping - Across any sector and in any country.
  • Industry Mapping - We can map entire industries, sub sets of specific industries or regional / global industries.
  • Skills Mapping - We can search through organisations looking for specific skills anywhere in the world.

Our Technology

Our technology gives you the ability to map entire organisations, industries or skills anywhere in the world. 1000 times faster doing it manually with 100% accuracy.

  • Simple by design - It takes about 5 minutes to deploy and around 30 minutes to train on.
  • Reassuringly powerful - You can profile 200 people every minute with 100% accuracy.
  • Future benefits - Whilst our technology is world leading we have bigger plans in the pipeline.

Benvolo has been running for over 10 years providing mapping services around companies and bespoke projects to over 1000 clients in over 150 countries. We work with Fortune 500 organisations right through to kitchen table recruiters.

Let us know your exact needs and we'll provide you the perfect solution. It's like having a team of 500 researchers but paying for just one.

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