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Blackbox Visual

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About Blackbox Visual

Blackbox Visual helps executive search firms clearly convey their value, brand, search process and more through animated and explainer videos. Since its founding in 2012, Blackbox Visual has become an expert at solving client's creative challenges through strong strategies and exciting visuals.

Blackbox Visual is a creative studio in Milwaukee that focuses on creating high-quality, design-driven animated videos for a search firm's marketing solutions. With a strong emphasis on production value and focus on intentional and thoughtful visuals, Blackbox Visual will connect search firms with their prospective clients and audiences in an engaging and unique way.

Blackbox Visual carefully and methodically creates animated and explainer videos to serve as an extension of your search firm's brand, with your audience in mind. Blackbox Visual has produced hundreds of animations and videos for businesses, NPOs and brands for the following uses:

  • Website
  • Live Events
  • Social Media
  • Trade Shows
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Educational Videos
  • Tutorials
  • Product Videos

Blackbox Visual is well versed in communicating complex ideas and processes in a simple, clear and efficient way, on time and on budget.

Brands That Blackbox Visual Has Worked With:

  • GE Healthcare
  • Harley Davidson Motorcycles
  • Top Executive Search Firm
  • Milwaukee Film
  • Direct Supply
  • DOHMEN Life Science Services
  • Urban Ecology Center
  • ARCW (AIDS Resource Center Of Wisconsin)

Create entertaining and informative videos that have the power to inspire, challenge and transform, with Blackbox Visual.

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