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A Clockwork Partner Providing Candidate Outreach Services

About Interseller

Clockwork supports an integration with Interseller.

Interseller is a unique platform that streamlines your candidate research and outreach processes, helping you find any candidate’s email address while launching email sequences automatically with one-click.

Impress new candidates using a brilliant mix of personalized emails and automate follow-up emails, resulting in more placements in less time. Interseller handles all the heavy lifting of sourcing candidate contact details and candidate outreach for you so you no longer have to use multiple tools to do one job.

Sourcing & Research:

  • Chrome Extension - Click and find a contact’s work or personal email, add them to your email sequence, and sync them into Clockwork with all of their company information.
  • Social Search - Source multiple contacts at once from search results in LinkedIn, Github, AngelList, Crunchbase, and Indeed Resume. Interseller detects for duplicates and prevents double outreach.
  • Email Lookup / Validate - Type a prospect name and company and return the most valid email. Interseller uses several different data sources and algorithms to determine a valid email address. The most likely email will always be listed first.
  • Outreach - Place new candidates into email drip campaigns immediately and track effectiveness and action (open rate, “replied with interest”, booked meeting conversion, etc).
  • Sensible Pricing - We’ve removed all the risk using month-to-month pricing, with no commitment and great discounts for annual and team plans.


  • Sequences - Schedule a customized sequence of emails that will be sent to a list of contacts. Emails stop sending automatically once the contact replies. Interseller connects with Gmail, Outlook, Exchange or IMAP server.
  • Mail Merge - Personalize emails using data from contacts such as name, company, and title or add your own custom fields. Messages to contacts can be customized on an individual basis to provide even more personalization.
  • Scheduling - Define when and how often your emails are sent out. Set daily limits, frequency of messages, and time frames to send out messages.
  • Auto Replies - Filter out automated emails from your inbox from contacts Interseller messages like vacation responders and pause future messages to the day they get back.
  • Email Safety - Safety settings are available at both the team and individual level assuring that users are not reaching out to a contact they shouldn't be.
  • Reports - Reports offer beautiful visualizations of the information you need to track performance of your team members and sequences.
  • Sync Contacts - Synchronize all of your contact and enrichment data with your customer relationship management or applicant tracking system.

Free trials available for all customers and a dedicated Customer Success team ensures that all users find continued success once they partner with Interseller.

Stop wasting time with multiple tools and manual tasks and give your recruitment process a rocket boost with Interseller - get started with a demo today and complete the form on the right.

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