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About McQuaig

Evaluate A Candidate’s Real Potential

Your search firm and your client’s business is unique and your talent solutions should be too. Make sure you are selecting the right people for the right roles with McQuaig's pre-hire assessment solutions. Our scientifically validated talent assessments allow you to benchmark a role, identify alignment and behavioral  fit for a placement, predict the future success of an executive and increase retention rates for your clients.

Take the Cost of Uncertainty and Bias Out of the Search Process

Every company should have a dedicated workforce that meets the needs of their positions and drives the success and growth of their organization forward. McQuaig’s mission is to help companies hire, develop, and retain employees through targeted solutions using scientific assessments that examine personality, cognitive, and behavioural attributes all with dedicated customer support. By combining technology and research, our unique assessment tools can provide deeper insight into a candidate that allows clients and search firms to make the most informed decision. 

What Makes McQuaig Solutions Unique?

  • Psychometrically Sound – All our assessments have strong reliability and validity properties 
  • Trusted Results – With over 50 years of research our tests are used by clients around the world
  • Tailored Solutions – Provides flexible options designed to address a business’s unique hiring and development needs
  • Online Access – Tools are easily accessed and managed from any device, computer or mobile, via an online talent platform
  • Fast and Fair – Assessments are easy for candidates to complete taking 10-15 minutes
  • Actionable Insights – Comprehensive reports summarize results in a visual and easy-to-read format
  • Dedicated Customer Support – Our customer success team helps you get the most out of your assessment strategy 

Take the guesswork out of hiring with McQuaig in your search firm’s corner.

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