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A Clockwork Partner Providing Candidate Research Services

About PeopleGPT

What is Juicebox (PeopleGPT)? 

PeopleGPT is an AI-powered people search engine built for the executive recruiting industry. 

It allows for research across 30+ data sources, built on top of large language models. PeopleGPT platform is customized for the executive search industry, including:

  • Target company list generation: “HR Tech SaaS”
  • Investor & funding data: “CTOs of Series B fintech companies”
  • Time specific data: “VP of Finance who was at Uber at Series C”
  • Research and technical profile data: “Who has spoken at conferences about GenAI?”
  • Contact data: personal emails and mobile phone numbers

Can I see PeopleGPT in action?

View the video below. 


What are the benefits of integrating Juicebox (PeopleGPT) with Clockwork?

  • Export: save profiles directly into Clockwork, including contact details, experience, resumes, and more. Customizable based on your preferred fields.
  • Import: view profiles already in Clockwork within PeopleGPT. Avoid reaching out to the same profile twice, and instantly view your relationship history.

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