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A Clockwork Partner Providing Candidate Research Services

About Quil

What Is Quil?
Quil’s high-end AI recruiting software streamlines hiring for HR teams and agencies. It simplifies interviews by automating note-taking and seamlessly updating your ATS after each call. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

What Happens When You Integrate Quil With Clockwork?
  • You can search for and link Clockwork records to Quil calls.
  • You can also create notes on Quil and push them to Clockwork.
  • You can update notes on Quil and push them to Clockwork.
  • Change note parent records from Quil and push them to Clockwork.
  • With structured notes in Clockwork, your searches become more valuable as you gain access to a wealth of detailed information for more informed decision-making and strategic talent acquisition.

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