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About Quil

What Is Quil?

Quil’s high-end AI executive recruiting software and automated note taking platform, streamlines the search process for executive search firms and executive recruiters. It simplifies interviews and client calls with automated note-taking and directly updates Clockwork after each call.

With Click-To-Call, Quil lets you to start a meeting or make a call directly from a person record in Clockwork and begin taking notes. Customizable meeting templates in Quil allow you to focus on the conversation at hand, whether its an interview or a status call, and formats and generates your notes accordingly. Quil not only helps you organize notes as an automated note-taking platform, but lets you put your brand front and center during virtual meetings with custom meeting bot branding. Provide a better client and candidate experience during virtual interviews, calls and meetings on Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. 

Quil Click To Call

Quil Branded Bot
What Happens When You Integrate Quil With Clockwork?

  • You can search for and link Clockwork records to Quil calls.
  • You can also create notes on Quil and push them to Clockwork.
  • You can update notes on Quil and push them to Clockwork.
  • Change note parent records from Quil and push them to Clockwork.
  • With structured notes in Clockwork, your searches become more valuable as you gain access to a wealth of detailed information for more informed decision-making and strategic talent acquisition.
  • With Quil's new shortcut button, you can instantly create new meetings from your Chrome extension popup. No more navigating through tabs – just one click and you're ready to go. 
  • Plus, clicking the Quil button on your ATS contact page now links that contact directly to your meeting.


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