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A Clockwork Partner Providing Candidate Outreach Services

About SourceWhale

SourceWhale is the only recruitment engagement platform teams need to organize daily tasks, find pipeline insights and nurture relationships at scale. 

Integrating with your favourite tools, SourceWhale sits at the heart of your tech stack and unifies existing data intelligence software, your CRM Clockwork and outreach channels to create an all-in-one workspace fit for modern recruitment.Thousands of recruiters are choosing SourceWhale as the powerful technology is helps them to:

  • Double their executive search and business development activity 
  • Save up to 8 hours per week through automation 
  • Increase response rates by 56%

Organize existing processes to increase productivity. Consolidate existing sourcing and business development workflows into one single platform.

  • Powerful Chrome extension Quickly add contacts to outreach and edit custom variables on the fly
  • Structured outreach Create multistep outreach that combines email, LinkedIn, phone calls, SMS and more
  • Never miss a follow-up Stay on top of prospect replies to to maximize opportunities
  • 100+ integrations Connect your entire ecosystem to make your workflow as simple and efficient as possible

Automate workflows to save up to 8 hours per week, per consultant. Remove inefficiencies to refocus time on high-value activities like nurturing relationships and providing better recruitment experiences.

  • Activity tracking into Clockwork Capture all activity and data automatically
  • Structure daily tasks Remove the burden of remembering who to reach out to and when with an automated to-do list
  • Multiple touchpoints Tap into a wider audience using an integrated multichannel approach
  • Dynamic variables Deliver a highly personalized communication experience to stand out from your competitors 

Accelerate your outreach to increase engagement. Harness the power of AI, hyper-personalization and analytics to supercharge existing workflows and drive more revenue.

  • AI text generation Create professional campaign content in a fraction of the time
  • Hyper-personalization Modify campaigns mid-sequence to enhance outreach with an extra level of personalization
  • Data and analytics Analyze the performance of your outreach to discover what works and what doesn’t
  • Team performance Track individual and team activity to measure performance, even when working remotely
  • Scale best practices Roll-out high performing approaches to accelerate results and set new starters up for success

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