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A Clockwork Partner Providing Candidate Research Services

About Visage

Automate your Candidate Pipeline & Outreach.

Visage enables recruiters to work on things they love and fill more jobs. Through our data science and crowdsourcing, we identify qualified candidates for your job openings. No more sourcing, no more back-and-forth emails, let Visage build your candidate pipeline.

  • Post a job - Define your role requirements and submit. Our team quickly reviews and optimizes for best results.
  • Crowdsource - Get both active and passive candidates in 48 hours thanks to a combination of crowdsourcing and advertising.
  • Qualify - Domain experts and AI sift through profiles and handpick the most qualified candidates for your needs/requirements.
  • Contact - You receive a list of the most qualified candidates, you control how you want to reach out to them.
  • Interview - You directly receive the interested candidates responses in your inbox and start interviewing.

Our users, corporate and agency recruiters, fill twice as many jobs as they used to. That's because they focus on 10 qualified candidates per job instead of 100+.

Our AI <> Human intelligence ensures the highest quality in candidates. Our users interview 50% of the candidates we submit.

With up to 35 recruiting sourcers searching for the talent, we leave no stone unturned and build 5x more pipeline than a traditional recruiter. The intelligence and automation of our platform allow employers to interview diverse candidates within 3 days of job submission.

Tesla, Adecco, GoDaddy, Workday, and a dozen of others trust Visage to help their recruiters make more placements or hires.

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