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The Most Fleximizable Platform for Executive Search

Easily manage your data, increase team collaboration, and create a transparent search process with a flexible and customizable platform.

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Built by an Executive Recruiter for Executive Recruiters

Clockwork was designed by a former executive recruiter specifically to improve how executive recruiters and clients work together. Whether you're a retained search firm, a corporate or in-house executive recruiting team, or an institutional investor, Clockwork offers the most flexible and customizable platform dedicated to executive search projects.

Your skills, expertise, and process are what makes your team unique. Clockwork was built with the flexibility and customizations to adapt to you. Don't settle for an executive search software that is rigid, requires you to change, and erodes your competitive advantage.


We Figured It Out So You Don’t Have To

What gets in the way of success? Whether it’s poor client relationships, inefficient teams, bad data...or all of the above, the key to success is the process that serves as the foundation on which you build your firm.

Working with hundreds of successful teams, we’ve identified a proven methodology to support your process that leads to the best executive search performance—every time. Our software provides solutions for:

  • Client Collaboration
  • Team Management
  • Data Management
  • Business Development

Supporting Every Stage of Executive Search

Executive search involves so much more than research and outreach. Yet most recruiting software is limited to helping certain roles while outright ignoring the rest of the search business and process.

Clockwork's software supports all roles, from the search firm owner to researchers, recruiters, and the client. It incorporates all Eight Stages of Successful Retained Search—from finding and winning new work through closing projects with satisfied clients. Our all-inclusive online platform provides:

  • Easier business development
  • An intuitive interface to keep clients engaged and happy
  • Improved team performance
  • Increased placements in less time
  • Leverage for continual firm growth

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Improved Client Engagement For Better Results

As the only Executive Search Software that improves how executive recruiters and their clients work together on search projects, Clockwork’s methodology is based on client satisfaction first and foremost to help firms consistently deliver better results.

Our Executive Search Performance Benchmark Report shows projects with online client collaboration have a 21% greater chance of ending with a successful placement. Using Clockwork’s online platform, clients:

  • Play a key role in defining requirements
  • Have visibility into targeted activities
  • Can easily provide needed feedback
  • Feel more invested in the search process

Clockwork Support, Services, and Partners

More Than Just Software

To cultivate a successful executive search process, you need more than just software. You need a complete business solution. Clockwork provides you with not only an online platform but also a combination of resources to support your process including:

August Venture Clockwork Customer
Honestly, I’ve always gotten exceptional attention from everyone at Clockwork, so keep doing what you’re doing, and keep hiring the type of people you’re hiring. Clockwork comes across as solution-based, utilizing above-the-line thinking. It’s refreshing, it’s working and it’s a pleasure to navigate business with them.

Recruiting Operations Associate, August Venture

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Executive Search?

Executive search is the recruitment and placement of senior executives (at the Director level and above) in senior leadership positions within a company. Executive search is different than typical staffing or recruitment practices, since the entire process is focused on an outbound approach to talent rather than inbound (posting a position on a job board and sorting through applications or resumes).

Executive search teams work consultatively with a company to set a strategy, research candidates, conduct interviews and present qualified candidates that are gainfully employed (passive candidates) for a senior executive role. Often these searches are confidential and take roughly 3-4 months to complete and paid on a retainer fee basis.

What Is Clockwork?

Clockwork is an executive search software that supports every aspect of your executive search process including managing all business development, searches, research, outreach, candidates, clients and more in one centralized and streamlined place.

Clockwork's software was built to support the full life cycle of an executive search project and encourage client collaboration resulting in higher client satisfaction, higher placement rates and shorter days to placement.

Clockwork Is Based On The 8 Stages. What Are They?

The 8 Stages Of Successful Retained Search represent the fundamental process executive search follows from beginning to end. These include finding work, winning work, setting the strategy, research, outreach, assessment, making a decision and closing your search.

Clockwork's executive search software is designed to support every stage and every phase of the executive search process, all while improving the way clients and executive search teams work together on a search.

Why Use Clockwork?

Clockwork was built to encourage collaboration and transparency between executive search teams and clients throughout the entire executive search process resulting in higher client satisfaction, higher placement rates and shorter days to placement.

Who Uses Clockwork?

Retained executive search firms of any size, corporate or in-house executive talent acquisition teams, and institutional investors such as venture capital and private equity all use Clockwork. See our Featured Customers for examples.

Is Clockwork Web-based?

Unlike other executive search software providers, Clockwork was founded as a true online Software as a Service (SaaS) company. Clockwork was designed to be accessible anywhere using a web-browser, without any downloads, installations or software management.

Many key features in Clockwork are mobile optimized, and projects can easily be managed and accessible using a mobile device.

Sharing reports, long-lists, short-lists, candidates and more is designed to be done all online.

Why Is Collaboration Important?

Collaboration is critical for an executive search to be successful. Enabling clients to see your process, progress and methodical approach to their executive search builds trust, adds value and increases client satisfaction.

Clockwork was built to engage clients in a meaningful and collaborative way, to remove obstacles or misconceptions of executive search and the process for finding and appointing senior executive talent.

Do My Clients Have To Login?

While it is not required, Clockwork was designed to encourage clients to collaborate with search firms through a robust, user-friendly client portal.

Search firms can invite an unlimited amount of clients to view and check the status of their searches, candidates and more using Clockwork. Search firms remain in complete control of visibility for what a client can see after they log in, including all candidate details, notes, reports and more.

How Easy Is Clockwork To Use?

Clockwork has a streamlined, user-friendly interface that makes it easy for every skill level and user type to access and navigate. Clockwork also offers several complimentary and customized training solutions tailored to different learning methods and styles.

When Should I Get Clockwork?

Many of our customers regret not switching sooner. Even a solo practitioner who has yet to take on thier first client can see great value in the business development features of Clockwork. See our Featured Customers for examples.

Is My Data Secure?

Yes. You own your data. Read more about our security practices.

Does Clockwork Look At My Data?

Unlike other executive search software providers, Clockwork was developed independent of any Executive Search firm. Clockwork does not use, share, sell or look at your private data. We respect your privacy and do not share your data with other search firms, providers or organizations.

How Is Clockwork Different Than Other Executive Search Software?

Clockwork's founder and CEO, Christian Spletzer, is a former executive search consultant. Based on his past experience of working with clients and his first-hand knowledge of the challenges that many executive recruiters face from a process and client management perspective, Christian founded and developed Clockwork to solve these problems with software.

Our roots as a true SaaS company inspire us to remain agile, inventive and consultative. Our approach to software is different because we consider the entire executive search process, while our competitors focus on much smaller part of the search life cycle. We strive to challenge the status quo set forth by executive search software providers of the past, and reinvent the way that clients and executive search teams collaborate on executive search projects.

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