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Proven Software That Drives Superior Performance

The methodology built into our Executive Search software guides you, your team, and your clients through every stage of a successful, collaborative retained search process—from winning new work through leveraging successful placements to grow your business.


We Figured It Out So You Don’t Have To

What gets in the way of success? Whether it’s poor client relationships, inefficient teams, bad data...or all of the above, the key to success is the process that serves as the foundation on which you build your firm.

Working with hundreds of successful firms, we’ve identified a proven methodology and process that leads to the best retained search performance—every time. Our software provides solutions for:

  • Client  Management
  • Team Management
  • Data Management
  • Business Development

Supporting Every Stage of Successful Retained Search

Retained search involves so much more than research and outreach. Yet most recruiting software is limited to helping certain roles while outright ignoring the rest of the search business and process.

Clockwork's software supports all roles, from the search firm owner to researchers, recruiters, and the client. It incorporates all Eight Stages of Successful Retained Search—from finding and winning new work through closing projects with satisfied clients. Our all-inclusive online platform provides:

  • Easier business development
  • An intuitive interface to keep clients engaged and happy
  • Improved team performance
  • Increased placements in less time
  • Leverage for continual firm growth
Improved Client Engagement For Better Results

Improved Client Engagement For Better Results

As the only Executive Search solution that improves how search firms and their clients work together on retained search projects, Clockwork’s methodology is based on client satisfaction first and foremost to help firms consistently deliver better results.

Our Executive Search Performance Benchmark Report shows projects with online client collaboration have a 21% greater chance of ending with a successful placement. Using Clockwork’s online platform, clients:

  • Play a key role in defining requirements
  • Have visibility into targeted activities
  • Can easily provide needed feedback
  • Feel more invested in the search process

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Our search process was stressful and time-consuming before using Clockwork. Now, not only does the platform allow my client access to the project, but the ease of reporting, real-time updates, and the overall ease of use make this the ideal tool for us. My team and I love using Clockwork!

CoFounder & Talent Champion, Prowess Search Partners

I'm very happy with Clockwork and have even referred it to others. Users not only have control over what their temporary hires view and access, but they can also give their clients access to the project. It's a great collaborative platform that has helped to build trust and transparency.

Founder, Cooke & White Advisors

We've demoed with other companies and they definitely don't have all of what Clockwork offers. The platform has helped our firm close projects faster and keep everyone on the same page. Clockwork is the get-stuff-done tool!

Head of Talent, SymphonyAI

I used a different platform before Clockwork and it was very overwhelming to use. After using Clockwork for over 4 years, I can now say that my firm gets more work completed in less time and our level of productivity has gone up. Thanks to Clockwork, we're winning more work.

Principal, Burnham Root

Clockwork has immensely better integration capability vs the On-Prem technology we were using in the past. It's extremely easy to navigate the platform to enter and access our data make edits. Clockwork's incredible customer support team is amazing and made the transition painless and easy!

Recruiting Director, Spectrum Search Partners

My clients rave about Clockwork--literally, they're hooked on it! It's easy to use and easily accessible. In result, we're collaborating better and driving results faster. So yes, I'm thrilled to be a Clockwork customer because it empowers my firm's commitment to delivering a transparent and thorough retained search experience.
President, Ezekiel Global Executive Search

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