Recruiting Software For Firm Owners

Designed to grow your Business by transforming client relationships into collaborative, long-term partnerships

Clockwork's process-driven software supports you in EVERY aspect of your search business—from finding and winning new work through successfully closing projects for delighted clients.

  • Engage clients at each stage of the search process
  • Close searches in half the time
  • Achieve higher placement rates
Using Clockwork helps establish a strong project partnership from the outset. The client has a clear window into project progress and is therefore your partner in decision making, which in turn supports an open, honest, foundation of trust. That foundation is simply the difference between success and failure in a search.

Founder & Partner, Colosi Associates

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Clockwork's Fundamental Difference

As the only recruiting software that improves how search firms and their clients work together on retained search projects, Clockwork is designed to engage clients at each stage of the search process, while giving you control over what they see. 

  • Present data to clients in a way that’s transparent, accessible, and conducive to collaboration
  • Manage what clients see and when they see it to keep the process moving forward efficiently
  • Obtain and document client feedback or approval at crucial stages of the recruiting process
The Clockwork Difference

Make every project run like Clockwork

Built by former executive recruiters, our software focuses on Client satisfaction first. Our streamlined, built-in process lets you easily manage your team and projects, giving you peace of mind to focus on growing your business.

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