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You Deserve To Get Rewarded For Outperforming

Retained search firms in the Clockwork Network can receive pre-qualified referrals for the type of work they consistently do best.

How It Works

The process for referring work to Outperforming Clockwork Network firms.

Step 1

Consistently do your best work in your area(s) of expertise.

Step 2

Join the Clockwork Network by talking to one of our Advisors.

Step 3

Be an Outperformer and we'll introduce you to clients who need your expertise.

Recommendation Metrics & Criteria

Recommendation Metrics & Criteria

We use a proprietary process to develop a custom analysis for each recommendation request companies make. We look at anonymized project data for retained search firms in the Clockwork Network and filter for criteria similar to the company’s specific needs. We then surface firms who are Outperformers—those firms that have demonstrated consistent retained search excellence for that specific criteria.


Who Can Join The Clockwork Network?

Any retained search firm can join the Clockwork Network and become a Member. Simply schedule a meeting with one of our advisors to get started. Members who surface in an analysis we have performed become Outperformers.

Companies receive our analysis and referral to an outperforming firm free of charge. For receiving pre-qualified referrals for the type of work they do best, Outperformers simply pay a referral fee. 


How do I become an Outperformer?

To become an Outperformer, your firm must show up in an analysis as having consistent retained search excellence for that particular search criteria. Consistently placing candidates, effectively and efficiently, in your area of specialization will increase your likelihood of showing up in an analysis. The Clockwork Consulting Group and our Partners can also help improve your process to be more successful.

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