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Manage Your Search Projects and Deals Pipeline Under One Roof

Clockwork Product Team - February 13, 2019

The responsibility of finding new work and closing new opportunities to keep a business viable and growing is a constant — and critical — focus for search firm owners. This is on top of managing their team, putting out fires if things go wrong, and, most importantly, keeping clients happy. It can be a challenging juggling act and a daily grind. Clockwork was created to support these retained search firm owners in every aspect of their business — from finding new work through successfully closing out projects with delighted clients.

To simplify their process and focus, Clockwork’s Deals allows Partners to manage their business development pipeline and current projects under one roof. So in addition to managing active client projects, they document the status of existing and potential contracts, nurture prospects, track opportunities, and leverage past deals or projects to win new work for their firm.

Deals At A Glance

Partners can quickly view their active deals on Clockwork’s dashboard, keeping them top of mind. Not only can they see where each deal is in the pipeline, but their potential value as well. The dashboard view also provides easy access to enter new data or notes on the deal record.


Reporting and Planning

The deals pipeline is also a crucial aspect of a Partner’s ability to strategically plan what is needed to sustain operations—and then grow the firm. Clockwork’s Analytics’ Deal Projection report aids this process by analyzing the project value of active deals with expected close dates in the coming 6 months.


Additionally, the Deals Win-Loss analytics report allows Partners to analyze closed deals that were Passed, Won or Lost over a specific period of time in the past. As they say, hindsight is 20/20, and having the ability to use real data to aid in your forecasting strategy is priceless.

For more information on managing Deals inside of the Clockwork platform, check out our series of helpful videos that will walk you through the process.

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Clockwork Product Team

Clockwork Product Team

The Clockwork product team is always working on improvements to make your retained search projects run even better than before.

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