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Stay a step ahead in Executive Search with mobile access

It’s 5 pm on a Friday and a candidate just agreed to speak with you regarding a search project you’re working on. You’d planned to dial in from your car on your way to your daughter's soccer practice, except the number is saved on your computer at the office. 

Does this sound like a familiar situation?

And it’s more than just looking up contact information. After the call, you need to be able to leave a note and update the candidate’s status, from the sidelines of the soccer field. Having access to your projects and candidates on-the-go is critical to staying ahead. 

“My team at Accelent has been using Clockwork's mobile app for a while now and having access to the platform on my phone has improved daily business operations for me, my team, and our clients.” - John Boehmer, Managing Director, Accelent

The Clockwork mobile app was designed to support your Executive Search needs whether you are traveling or just away from your desk for a moment. The Executive Recruiting world doesn’t stop and you shouldn’t have to just because you’ve left the office. With the Clockwork mobile app, you can keep up with your projects, just as you would from your computer. 

In addition to having access to your entire database, Clockwork offers the ability to add specific notes to Candidate Records.

Mobile app 1

Notes are a great place to keep your team informed about the call you just had and add details such as the candidate's relocation preferences.

You can also add an attachment such as an updated resume or other important documents. Notes can also be pinned to the top of the app (and web app) for quick reference and convenience. Just as with the web app, all notes can be edited and deleted. Clockwork’s mobile app allows you to be on the go while staying connected. 

Win More Work

Creating pitch decks are part of the process of winning new business, but updating sample candidates for the presentation, swapping logos, and showing off your latest work is a time-consuming effort to put together. Especially for every pitch. 

By using Clockwork as part of your pitch, you can stop creating new decks, avoid mistakes, and save time by sharing a project directly with clients. Clients have an opportunity to see a list of real candidates, view their respective LinkedIn profiles and resumes, and read any notes you may have. They get to experience your exact search process upfront, giving you the edge on your competition. In addition, mobile access during the pitch gives your client the confidence that they’ll always have access to the latest information.

“ My clients also find value in using the Clockwork mobile app because they can log in at any time and immediately see the project dashboard.” - John Boehmer, Managing Director, Accelent

The Clockwork mobile app is an easy, seamless way to give your clients up to date project information and share candidate statuses.

Have Confidence Your Data Is Secure 

Having a security breach is every organization’s worst nightmare. Fortunately, the Clockwork mobile app immediately syncs with your Clockwork web app and all data is encrypted on transport and at rest.  

“[...]Clockwork's app has been reviewed and approved by Apple/Google, so that gives us peace of mind that our data is secure.” - John Boehmer, Managing Director, Accelent

Access to the mobile app requires a Clockwork User login and we recommend Users enable multi-factor authentication to ensure greater security and identity protection.

Place Candidates Faster

Having the right tools to support your business needs around the clock is vital to keeping your search projects moving. 

“[...] I personally enjoy the fact that I use the app to zoom in on specific candidate resume details and edit notes. My colleagues appreciate the flexibility the app provides, as they can take a candidate call away from their computer and log their call notes right into the app. [...] Using the Clockwork mobile app is a no-brainer for Accelent and should be for every Firm as well.” - John Boehmer, Managing Director, Accelent

If having your project and candidate information available for editing, updating, and viewing sounds like a business tool your Firm would benefit from, schedule a demo today and explore all the benefits of using Clockwork to enhance your business operations.

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