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Clockwork’s New UI: What You Need to Know

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In July 2017, Clockwork is releasing its most significant update to date: a new User Interface (UI).

If you’re wondering what a “UI” translates to (in non-techie/English), it means that Clockwork will have a brand new design and layout to better support your workflow. We’ll also have some completely new features, including Dashboard and Analytics views!

While it’s more fun to save some of the reveal for the big day, here are some highlights to look forward to: Read More

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Executive Search and Selection: How to Choose the Best Executive Search Firm

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How do you choose the “best” executive search firm?

There are many indicators that you are dealing with a high quality executive search firm (history of success in your industry, use of high quality candidate sourcing tools, positive reviews, etc.) but “the best” executive search firm to choose is always the one that is best suited to the needs of your company and the requirements of your executive search project.

Executive search projects are typically longer and more intensive than recruiting for other roles, so it’s essential that you select the best executive search firm for the leadership role you’re filling. Read More

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Maximizing Your Executive Search Database

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Executive search databases have become a common tool used in the executive recruitment industry, so much so, that some recruiters have been known to take the resource for granted, their first step in an executive candidate search process being to head straight to professional networks.

While professional networks can be a great candidate source, they aren’t a dedicated candidate resource like your executive search database is. Though networks like LinkedIn are heavily used by executive candidates and can be a good resource for identifying executive candidates, these tools can’t take the place of the executive search database.  Read More

GDPR impacts executive recruiting and search

How GDPR Will Impact the Executive Search

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Nearly every industry on the planet has become more become more globally connected, and the executive search industry is no exception.

Even though GDPR is a new regulation facing the United Kingdom, compliance will be required no matter where your company is operating. Non-compliance comes with massive fines and, given the extent to which the executive recruiting industry relies on big data, GDPR will have a large effect on executive recruiting companies across the globe.

Read More

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Executive Search Trends 2017: Prediction Progress Report

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Each new year brings a fresh crop of articles predicting trends in, well, pretty much anything you can think of for the coming year.

Whether it’s “Top Hairstyles for 2017” or “Best Business Practices for 2017,” many of these articles seem to throw whatever they want at the wall and rarely hang around to see what sticks. Other articles, however, are spot on, and accurately predict some of the major trends of the coming year by extrapolating on current trends.

It can be hard to tell which predictions are worth paying attention to, so we decided to look into some of the executive recruiting and job market predictions made for 2017 and see how these trends are (or aren’t) progressing. Read More

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44 Executive Search Interview Questions to Test Candidates

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When finding executive candidates who are a good fit for a client company, the interview questions you ask should be designed to get candidates talking about their approach to leadership and revealing the experience, temperament and thought processes that have led them to success.

Success in one executive position, however, does not mean a candidate will be successful in your client’s executive role, and you need to be clear that the requirements you’re testing candidates for are all up to date and essential for success in the executive role at your client’s company. Read More

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5 Reasons Executive Recruiting Needs eSignatures

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Recruiting has become synonymous with process and paperwork. But that doesn’t mean companies should feel the paperwork pinch! Online solutions like eSignatures help recruiting firms eliminate tedious back-office tasks as they’re hiring the top talent.

If you aren’t taking advantage of electronic signing, here are five reasons to make the switch. Read More

executive recruiting 101

Executive Recruiting 101

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Executive recruiting is recruiting executives.

That’s all folks, hope you enjoyed Executive Recruiting 101.

No, really, executive recruiting is just recruiting executives, which is exactly as hard as it sounds.

Unlike other senior roles, executive hires are an inherently difficult position to fill. There can be a lot riding on the executive placement you’re making for your client, and their expectations will be as high as the salary they’re going to be investing into their top choice for the job. Read More


How to Use Wufoo Forms for Executive Recruitment

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Online forms are a powerful tool for gathering information on the people you want to do business with. Whether you are trying to identify potential clients or build up a robust list of executive candidate contacts, using online forms will help to automate and strengthen your lead and contact finding ability.

Clockwork is integrating with a series of applications that support the work that our users are doing including Wufoo forms, a platform for designing and launching online forms for your company. By using Wufoo forms in conjunction with the Clockwork platform, you can engage potential clients and have their information automatically migrated and/or updated in your Clockwork dashboard.

Read More

invoicing software for executive recruiters

Invoicing Tips for Executive Recruiting Firms

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So, you’ve secured a couple of clients for your early-stage executive recruiting company. Now what?
Besides all of the work that you’ll be doing for these clients making placements, you may still have a few (or a few dozen) back office details that need to be worked out.

Starting a business requires you to complete a veritable laundry list of essential tasks, such as: setting up your LLC, partnership or corporation, getting HR policies put together, preparing quarterly taxes, getting business cards, finalizing branding, website creation, and many other things that will eat up your time. Read More