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Christian Spletzer

Christian Spletzer
After years of working as an executive recruiter, Christian Spletzer founded Clockwork to improve how search firms and clients work together on retained search projects. He designed Clockwork to help recruiters demonstrate their consultative value to their clients at every stage of each project.

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Best Practices For Closing Out Your Executive Search Project

Christian Spletzer - May 21, 2020

So you’ve successfully placed the top candidate and have (hopefully) exceeded your client’s expectations. It is cause for celebration, but rather than sitting back and wiping your hands clean of the search project, it is key to stay engaged. In this moment of success, when the client is most impressed, there is a big opportunity to find future search work. In fact, this stage is so full of business opportunities that, when done right, you’ll have the work coming to you rather than you having to seek it out. Let's take a look at the top 4 most important action items after the search is complete. And be sure to follow along with our Search Closeout Checklist.

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Best Practices For Executive Recruiting Decision Making

Christian Spletzer - May 20, 2020

After completing the assessment stage of the executive recruiting process, your client should have all the information they need to make a decision. Nonetheless, executive searches can get stalled just before a decision is made. Although your client is doing most of the heavy lifting at this point, your work here is far from over and your role remains a crucial part of the process still.

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Best Practices for Setting An Executive Search Strategy

Christian Spletzer - May 4, 2020

Every successful search project starts with a great search strategy. This strategy is what kick starts your project and keeps it moving in the right direction. Not to mention it's the foundation upon which the rest of the search project relies on.

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Best Practices for Executive Recruiting Assessments

Christian Spletzer - March 5, 2020

So you’ve reached out to the candidates with the most potential and have dwindled that list down to the top 10%. By this point, you should have garnered as much information as possible on those you interviewed during your outreach. More specifically, you should have ascertained whether they are QIA, how they fit the role and how they compare with their peers.

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Best Practices for Executive Recruiting Outreach

Christian Spletzer - February 10, 2020

Executive recruiting tends to be an outbound activity. The best candidates are already gainfully employed somewhere and aren’t posting their resumes online. Hence, effective outreach is one of the most critical aspects of an executive search.

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Best Practices for Showcasing Your Executive Recruiting Research

Christian Spletzer - January 31, 2020

Whether you’re doing research at an executive search firm, an in-house or corporate executive recruiting team, or an institutional investor, at some point you will need to demonstrate the competence and thoroughness of your work. Executives are key hires and represent the future success for the company. Your stakeholders will want to know you’ve left no stone unturned.

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