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Best Practices for Executive Recruiting Assessments

Christian Spletzer - March 5, 2020

So you’ve reached out to the candidates with the most potential and have dwindled that list down to the top 10%. By this point, you should have garnered as much information as possible on those you interviewed during your outreach. More specifically, you should have ascertained whether they are QIA, how they fit the role and how they compare with their peers.

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Best Practices For Marketing Your Executive Search Firm

Thaddeus Andres - February 18, 2020

The key to finding new clients and winning new search work for your executive search firm lies in efficiently marketing to the right clients. Typically, executive search firms are reluctant to include marketing within their budgets, however, the ROI can be substantial if a minimal marketing spend results in $60,000+ in search fees. Here are two fundamental ways you can refine your marketing strategy to attract the right types of clients and identify new prospects to target.

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Best Practices for Executive Recruiting Outreach

Christian Spletzer - February 10, 2020

Executive recruiting tends to be an outbound activity. The best candidates are already gainfully employed somewhere and aren’t posting their resumes online. Hence, effective outreach is one of the most critical aspects of an executive search.

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Best Practices for Showcasing Your Executive Recruiting Research

Christian Spletzer - January 31, 2020

Whether you’re doing research at an executive search firm, an in-house or corporate executive recruiting team, or an institutional investor, at some point you will need to demonstrate the competence and thoroughness of your work. Executives are key hires and represent the future success for the company. Your stakeholders will want to know you’ve left no stone unturned.

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Bulk Edit Your People Database

Clockwork Product Team - January 29, 2020
Your data management process at the moment might go something like this:

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Clockwork's Year End Review

Christian Spletzer - December 12, 2019

It’s that time of year again when we reminisce the old year in anticipation for the new one to come rolling around. In keeping with the season, Clockwork is rounding out 2019 with a look back at the year’s greatest achievements.

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