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Clockwork’s Candidate Portal Helps Keep Your Firm Compliant With Data Privacy Laws

Clockwork Product Team - December 2, 2021

Data privacy laws enacted in recent years can be challenging for many businesses operating online, but they add an especially difficult complication for Executive Search firms. In a field that relies heavily on passive candidates to fill critical positions, there are multiple hurdles search firms now face to not only obtain candidate information, but also to obtain the candidate’s permission to use that data.

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Top Three Reasons Why Clients Prefer Clockwork For Executive Searches

Lindsay Lee - September 17, 2021

When companies fill leadership roles, there’s a lot riding on their decision. That’s why they turn to the expertise of Executive Search firms. Yet, not all search firms are created equal. Assuming the company found a few firms who specialize in the type of search needed in the geographical location of the role — what then? How does the company make the best decision of which firm to use? Word of mouth? Name recognition? Maybe.

All things otherwise being equal, the defining factor for choosing the best firm comes down to the search process.

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7 Advantages of Using Clockwork As Your Pitch Tool

Lindsay Lee - July 13, 2021

In the article, How to Best Leverage Clockwork When Creating a Pitch Deck, you saw how to best utilize Clockwork when building an external pitch deck. While this option is perfect for those who have a custom pitch deck template, there's another option that makes the whole process even easier. By using Clockwork as your pitch tool, you can save time, show your client exactly what your search process will look like, and – best of all – when you win the work you simply convert that Pitch Project into the Search Project workspace. It couldn’t be easier or more efficient!

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How to Best Leverage Clockwork When Creating a Pitch Deck

Lindsay Lee - May 19, 2021

One of the most important aspects of winning work is the ability to show your potential client why you are the best search firm for their specific needs. Being able to quickly pull relevant project data, demonstrate past wins, and create a visually compelling pitch deck is key to successfully closing deals.

With a few easy steps, Clockwork allows you to create quality pitch decks quickly and confidently.

Topics: Best Practices

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Generate Job Posts With A Few Simple Clicks

Clockwork Product Team - April 13, 2021
With Clockwork’s Job Posts feature, you can now create public job posts from within projects in Clockwork. With a few clicks, this optional add-on allows you to easily generate a public URL for a job post that automatically pulls specified information from your project. Once the job post is created, you can also include a form that allows candidates to submit interest.
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How a Collaboration-First Approach Improves Your Executive Search Projects

Christian Spletzer - March 15, 2021

Here at Clockwork we often extol the virtues of client collaboration. In our Executive Search Performance Benchmark Report, we can clearly see that projects with online client collaboration have a 21% greater chance of ending with a successful placement. We’ve come to consider it as self-evident that collaboration is better.

Yet, when you peel back a layer there’s even more value to collaborating. It's not just better because the client is kept in the loop, expectations are set, and possible missteps are avoided. The search team actually does better work too!

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