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Accelerating Business Development and Placements with Updated Company Info

As the effects of the Great Resignation continue, keeping up with job changes of the people in your database is a tough, time-consuming task. Clockwork’s On-demand Person Enrichment (OPE) integration helps reduce the effort to keep your database up-to-date. Today, we shift focus to company information.

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Stay a step ahead in Executive Search with mobile access

It’s 5 pm on a Friday and a candidate just agreed to speak with you regarding a search project you’re working on. You’d planned to dial in from your car on your way to your daughter's soccer practice, except the number is saved on your computer at the office. 

Does this sound like a familiar situation?

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Has the Great Resignation impacted the accuracy of your Candidate records?

Clockwork Product Marketing Team - September 13, 2022

Nearly 1 in 3 executives have changed jobs in 2021*.  This year, that number is already predicted to increase. Every industry and function has been impacted by the Great Resignation, causing candidate job history to continually be out of date.  

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Is your Recruiting Search Firm Connecting the Dots and Winning Work?

Clockwork Product Marketing Team - September 1, 2022

Job placements are reported to be at an all-time high and Executive Search Firms and Recruiters have been very busy this year. When times are busy, we know it’s hard to imagine working towards acquiring new business given how few hours you have left in a day. 

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Working On A Classified Search?

Clockwork Product Team - July 25, 2022

Congratulations, your firm has landed a big search for the next CEO of a big manufacturing company. During the kickoff call, your client was very specific about not wanting anyone — not even your junior researchers— to know of this search. 

With Clockwork’s enhanced confidential settings feature, your client will be relieved to learn that their search can be hidden within your Clockwork system and only invited team members will be able to view the project.

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Use Clockwork Workflows to Help Keep Your Firm On Track

Clockwork Product Team - May 19, 2022

In today’s environment, where many people and teams are working remotely, letting smaller details and tasks fall through the cracks happens all too often. It doesn’t have to be that way. Using Clockwork’s Workflows feature lets you easily set automated reminders to complete routine tasks that keep your distributed team, projects, and daily operations on track.

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